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Imagine… actually looking forward to your next dental visit – Sedation Dentistry makes it a reality
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We realize that a visit to the dentist (or even the thought of a visit) can cause some patients to become anxious. Many are apprehensive that they will experience discomfort. We understand this and make every effort to ensure patients have every reason to receive the oral care they want and deserve. Our office and Team do everything within our power to ensure total comfort during your visit. Our dentist and hygienists have years of experience creating a calming environment, especially for our more anxious patients, be they children or adults. In fact, we’re proud of our reputation in the community for helping patients be as comfortable and relaxed as possible when they visit us.

An important way we help anxious patients relax is by offering a variety of relaxation techniques to help ease discomfort and anxiety. By far the most effective solution we offer is called oral sedation, a mild sedative that calms patients to the point where many actually fall asleep during treatment. With this soothing option, patients can be relieved of the stress they may feel in anticipation of their procedure. This makes for a more relaxing experience for the patient, and also allows the dentist and hygienist to do their jobs more quickly and efficiently.

From teeth cleaning to more extensive procedures, sedation dentistry has, for many patients, meant the difference between good oral health and delayed treatment, which is why we’re pleased and proud to offer this sedation service to patients in the following areas: Saugus, Lynn, Lynnfield, Wakefield, Revere and Melrose, MA.

Do not let fear take over your life. Don’t let that painful toothache fester or let years go by without a cleaning. Talk to us about sedation dentistry today. If dental anxiety has led you to put off a visit to the dentist, we understand. It’s never too late to receive dental care, and now that you know about oral sedation, we hope you will choose to schedule your visit soon. The result will be the healthy, beautiful smile you want and deserve.

The only regret you’ll have is not having done it sooner.

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Dr. Petinge’s practice is the best! He takes such care in treating patients and I always feel confident knowing that I’m getting the best care possible.
I have been a patient of Dr. Petinge for over 2 decades and he is excellent (and his staff as well). He always has State-of-the Art equipment.
Dr. PETINGE is the best dentist I have ever had by far! I highly recommend him. His staff is equally amazing!

Dr. Petinge and his Team invite all New Patients to experience a bright, white smile!

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