Bad Hygiene

We all know that bad dental hygiene can give you bad breath, yellow teeth, and cavities. But now it turns out that consequences of bad dental hygiene can impact more than just the health of your mouth. A recent study found that people who do not brush their teeth...

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How to Avoid Foods that Cause Tooth Decay

For most of us, we don’t think of our diet as an important part of our dental health. In actuality, maintaining a healthy diet is almost as crucial as brushing and flossing every day. The foods that we eat are often full of sugar and acid, which can lead to plaque...

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The Impact of Smoking on Your Oral Health

If you smoke, you probably already realize that cigarettes can turn your teeth a dingy yellow and cause bad breath; however, you may not be aware that smoking also increases your risk of serious oral health conditions, including: tooth loss caused by gum disease and a...

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Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies Dental emergencies can look gruesome, but most of them are treatable if tended to in time. Here’s what to do when faced with a dental emergency: Knocked Out Tooth It is actually possible to replace a tooth that’s been knocked out. If it isn’t too...

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Sealants: Another Way to Protect Your Teeth

Twice daily brushing and daily flossing are the most effective ways to keep your teeth healthy. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, especially when it comes to the molars at the back of the mouth. Molars have a rough surface and nooks and crannies that can...

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Sensitive Teeth – Why They Hurt and What to Do

If sipping a hot beverage or trying to enjoy ice cream on a hot day hurts your teeth, you may be having sensitivity issues. There are a few causes of sensitive teeth, such as having fractured teeth, cavities, worn fillings or worn tooth enamel. You may have gum...

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Caring for Your Teeth as You Age

It becomes even more crucial to take the time to properly brush and maintain your dental health and teeth as you get older. Often, people believe it is impossible to avoid losing their teeth as they age. Fortunately, this is just a misconception. If you take the time...

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