Blood Pressure Screening

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Blood Pressure Screening

Dr. Stephen Petinge, DMD, provides blood pressure screening as part of the practice services.

While most of our patients visit our practice at least twice a year for dental cleanings, many may not follow the same strict routine with their primary care physicians. However, it’s important to get checked regularly to ensure optimal dental health. Did you know your dentist is well-equipped to check patients’ blood pressure?

Why Monitor My Blood Pressure?

Having Dr. Petinge check your blood pressure can help us identify early if you have hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, a disease that often goes undiagnosed. Most patients with hypertension won’t necessarily feel anything amiss unless their blood pressure is above 180/110 or higher. When you reach blood pressure readings of 200/140, you will feel very bad headaches, nausea and dizziness.

What do Blood Pressure Readings Show?

  • High-Systolic Blood Pressure: This is the number on top that shows you the amount of blood flow rushing against the walls of your vessels. Systolic numbers over 140 mean hypertension, even if the bottom number (diastolic) falls under 99.
  • High-Diastolic Blood Pressure: This is when the pressure of blood flow against vessel walls between each heartbeat is too high. A good reading to have is between 80 and 85. Numbers above 99 show hypertension.
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Why is Taking Your Blood Pressure Important for Good Health?

When high blood pressure goes untreated, complications such as heart attack, kidney failure, and stroke could result, which is why more and more dentists take their patients’ blood pressure before exams. This is just one component of your health plan over the long haul. If Dr. Petinge thinks your blood pressure is too high, he will refer you to your primary care physician, where you can be prescribed medication to improve blood flow. Trust Stephen Petinge, DMD, and our team to help keep you healthy and work in conjunction with all your healthcare providers. Book your appointment with Dr. Stephen Petinge today to meet all your dental health needs.