Veneers and Lumineers™

Pursuing the Perfect Smile

Veneers and Lumineers™

Your smile is your greeting to the world. When your teeth are discolored, misaligned, or cracked, or you have a large gap between two teeth, it can make you feel self-conscious, and even cause you to avoid smiling altogether.

Veneers are a non-invasive cosmetic dentistry option that improves the appearance of your smile and corrects these deficiencies.

Understanding Dental Veneers

A dental veneer is a thin piece of porcelain that your dentist applies to an anterior (front) tooth having a minor imperfection. Anterior teeth are called incisors and canines. They are distinct from the molars and pre-molars located toward the back of your jaw. Because veneers are so thin, your cosmetic dentistry treatment is not obvious to others. In fact, most patients quickly forget they have veneers as well!

Despite their small size and light weight, a veneer is strong enough to remain affixed to your tooth for many years.

Patients often prefer this cosmetic dentistry treatment because it requires no recovery time and only light use of anesthesia. Some patients won’t need anesthesia at all. Your dentist may need to remove a small portion of tooth enamel to ensure the tooth with the veneer does not protrude further than adjacent teeth. However, the amount removed is typically less than one-eighth of a millimeter. After applying the bonding agent to your tooth, your dentist places the veneer, then uses a curing light to ensure it is permanently affixed.

Lumineers™ Are Another Option

Lumineers™ are a piece of thin plastic in the shape of a contact lens. In addition to the cosmetic concerns mentioned above, you may wish to consider Lumineers™ to improve the appearance of existing crowns and dental bridges. A major benefit of Lumineers™ is that there’s no need to remove any tooth enamel at all. While this might give the treated tooth a slightly bulkier appearance, Lumineers™ do not change the structure of your tooth in any way. Certain cosmetic dental problems lend themselves better to Lumineers™, while veneers are ideal for others. Your dentist will provide you with detailed information so you can make the best treatment decision.