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Crowns and Bridges


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Benefits of Crowns and Bridges

As long established and proven fixtures in restorative dentistry, crowns and bridges continue to play a crucial role in closing gaps, restoring function and appearance, and ensuring even proportion to your face when smiling. Featuring modern, natural-looking materials, crowns are often used in conjunction with leading edge dental implant therapies,which serve as the support structure when natural teeth are insufficient. Taken together, these two therapies constitute a comprehensive dental service termed Complete Implant Dentistry. As the population ages, this treatmentmodality has literally transformed the lives of many, especially older, adults.

As a general rule, you’ll need a crown if more than half the tooth had been previously restored with filling material. This is to prevent decay from weakening the tooth to the point where it simply breaks away, resulting in a need to extract the tooth.

To keep what natural teeth one still has, crowns can be fitted over the teeth. Over time, large fillings wear down. They may also become damaged owing to dental trauma. Of course, another reason to consider crown & bridge work is to improve the appearance of your tooth or teeth in particular, and your smile in general. Whatever the case, your dentist is happy to speak with you about how and whether a crown is an option for you, what to expect and the timeline for completion. Crowns are, in many cases, the optimum method of preserving healthy teeth with a more natural look and more stable and reliable function. They can also be used to support bridges or to restore dental implants.

Bridges are related dental devices in that they also provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to broken, cracked, dead or missing teeth. Used to support artificial teeth, bridges can be full or partial in nature. Fixed bridges are non-removable, attaching to the natural teeth that remain in the mouth. Their purpose is to restore the appearance of your smile and ‘bridge’ the gap where problem teeth are present.

No one wants to smile with unsightly spaces left by missing teeth. Bridges can boost your self-confidence so you can smile your best again!

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