How to Protect Your Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is one of the body’s hardest substances. It’s even stronger than bone and provides a layer of protection for your teeth. Even though it is strong, it doesn’t mean you can ignore your teeth. It’s important to protect your enamel since it is what is...

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Should My Child Wear a Mouthguard to Play Sports?

If you have a child who is active in sports, it's important to invest in a mouthguard to help protect their teeth and mouth. Mouthguards can protect your child from injuries to the teeth and gums, and just about any Saugus, MA dentist will recommend that you have one...

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Dealing with a Cracked Tooth

Many times, a cracked tooth is invisible to the naked eye, and sometimes they are so small they won't even show up on an X-Ray. That's why you should schedule an appointment with your Saugus and North Boston area dentist as soon as you suspect you might have a problem...

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