Ending Opioid Abuse: Your Dentist’s Commitment

The American Dental Association has left no stone unturned in its fight against opioid abuse, and Dr. Petinge and team stand with their efforts and reaffirm our promise to you to support those struggling with opioid abuse. At the cornerstone of its goals, education and practical forms of prevention have been encouraged. Since 2006, the ADA has offered free online courses for dental professionals. These courses have helped to create an ongoing source of education to help healthcare providers recognize at-risk patients and do everything they can to prevent the misuse of opioids in the treatment of dental pain. Beyond education, the ADA has encouraged dentists to prescribe non-narcotic drugs as a first line of treatment for dental pain.

The ADA’s Recommendations

The ADA has also encouraged dental professionals to use the tools that are already in place and follow the CDC’s guidelines for prescribing opioids for dental pain. Strides can be made through following the CDC’s suggested guidelines, utilizing ongoing education, and practicing preventive measures to help reduce the prevalence of opioid abuse among dental patients. Dentists can also utilize their state’s prescription drug monitoring program.

Your Saugus, MA, dentist believes in utilizing all the tools available to him. He also believes in taking a proactive stance when it comes to decreasing the misuse and abuse of opioids. He’s proud to be your Saugus and North Boston area dentist, as the team at Petinge Dental are dedicated to being proactive in protecting the health and wellness of their dental patients and are here for you to answer any questions and concerns you have about managing dental pain or any other health concerns.