Are Fluoride-free Toothpastes Better for You?

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Are Fluoride-free Toothpastes Better for You?

In the opinion of your Saugus and North Boston area dentist, Dr. Stephen Petinge – probably not. One of the big selling points of fluoride-free toothpastes is that the formula is a more natural one because it doesn’t include chemicals like fluoride. Many times, toothpaste is not necessary for getting rid of plaque especially when it is not fluoridated. While fluoride-free toothpastes may have similar benefits like tooth whitening, they do not provide all the benefits fluoridated toothpastes do.

Why fluoride?

Your Saugus, MA dentist would like you to understand that fluoride is very helpful in restoring any lost hardness and strength to your tooth enamel, because it has the ability to combine with saliva in your mouth to apply necessary minerals to enamel surfaces. With a stronger surface to resist decay-causing agents from food and beverages, your enamel is better equipped to protect your teeth from developing cavities. The amounts in toothpaste, moreover, are very trace amounts of the element, making fluoridated toothpastes exceedingly safe for most people.

As your Saugus dentist, Dr. Petinge recommends using fluoridated pastes rather than any product which is fluoride-free. However, if you have high fluoride content in your drinking water, have fluoride allergies, or a special medical condition that may be affected by fluoridated toothpaste, make sure to consult with your Petinge dental team to see if fluoride-free toothpaste is right for you.