Cost-Effective Professional Tooth Whitening

Pursuing the Perfect Smile

Cost-Effective Professional Tooth Whitening

A bright smile can help us to face social situations with more confidence. When interviewing for a new job or out on a first date, a bright white smile ensures that we’re making a good impression. But if your pearly whites have lost their sparkle, you may lose confidence as well. Fortunately, professional tooth whitening from Petinge Dental offers you the ability to quickly restore your smile and your confidence.

Professional Tooth Whitening

A professional tooth whitening procedure can erase the stains created by smoking and poor food choices. It’s a flexible process: you can have this procedure done right in our office using GLO Whitening, or use a customized Opalescence take-home kit. Both approaches will restore your smile, but the at-home method generally requires a few treatments to produce optimal results, and is prescribed and kept track of by our Saugus dental team.

OTC Treatments Vs. Professional Tooth Whitening

Many people question the effectiveness of professional tooth whitening compared to over-the-counter (OTC) whitening treatments you can buy at a store. Professional tooth whitening provides customization that you can’t get with generic methods like OTC treatments. OTC tooth molds aren’t designed to fit any particular smile, and as a result, the effects can be spotty, and the opportunity for irritation and dental damage is greater. Professional tooth whitening is a safe and effective alternative because each treatment is customized by Dr. Petinge to fit the specific smile of our patient. Even the at-home method is customized to fit your unique smile pattern. It’s impossible to get this level of results with an OTC treatment.


Professional tooth whitening is a surprisingly inexpensive treatment, and delivers impressive results, even using the at-home method. Dr. Stephen Petinge and our Saugus dental team want to help restore your dazzling smile. Schedule an appointment today and trust the care of your smile to a professional.