Dental Experts Recommend Xylitol for Cavity Prevention

A committee of highly qualified experts assembled by the American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs released a report in September of 2011 supporting the consumption of Xylitol. Members of this committee determined that products containing this ingredient, such as chewing gum and lozenges, can aid in cavity prevention and preservation of dentition. According to the Study, combining Xylitol with a professional application of chlorhexidine and thymol varnish can prevent cavities from developing in individuals who brush and floss regularly.

The report also suggests that Xylitol can benefit individuals who are at risk of developing cavities because of an inconsistent dental regimen. However, maximum cavity protection will not occur unless the individual returns to a regular dental care routine, uses effective fluoride-based cleaning solutions, and consumes healthy foods. Since Xylitol is a polyol, it will not contribute to tooth decay. Unlike sugar, oral bacteria do not break down xylitol, thereby preventing damage to teeth and gums. For more information regarding preventive care at Petinge Dental, visit Preventive Care.

by Stephen Petinge, DMD

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