Electric Vs. Manual – Which Toothbrush is More Effective?

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Electric Vs. Manual – Which Toothbrush is More Effective?

Both an electric and a manual toothbrush can be used to efficiently clean and polish teeth. An electric toothbrush can be beneficial for adults suffering from arthritis or other conditions that interfere with holding a toothbrush. Also, the automatic, consistent bristle pulsing generated by an electric toothbrush can eliminate more plaque from the surface of teeth and also promote healthy gums.

If you prefer brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush, consider finding one with a comfortable, easy-to-hold grip. A dentist or orthodontist can offer you suggestions regarding which particular brand might work best for you. A toothbrush with a rotating, pulsing head may an excellent option.

Also, most electric toothbrushes are available with additional choices such as varying power levels, automatic timers, or the ability to recharge the batteries instead of replacing them. It is important to change the toothbrush head according to the manufacturer’s specifications in order to ensure the effectiveness of your toothbrush.

Regardless of your toothbrush preference, the most crucial part in keeping your teeth and gums healthy is spending time brushing and flossing each day.