How Does Ultrasonic Tooth Scaler Treatment Bring On Sparkling Smiles?

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How Does Ultrasonic Tooth Scaler Treatment Bring On Sparkling Smiles?

Decades ago, dental professionals discovered that the primary cause leading to gum disease was biofilm. This is a bacterium that grows in the moist environment provided by the mouth. Dental specialists worked hard to develop effective ways of removing these harmful bacteria. Modern technology gave way to ultrasonic dental scaling. The ultrasonic dental scaler is used to remove the hard deposits on the surfaces of the teeth. How does the ultrasonic tooth cleaner work?

How the Ultrasonic Tooth Scaler Works to Protect Your Smile

The ultrasonic dental scaler used by Dr. Petinge helps improve the teeth cleaning experience in many ways. The cleaner involves using a tool designed to send ultrasonic vibrations to the teeth and gumlines. These vibrations remove calculus and tartar. Regular brushing and flossing help keep your teeth and smile looking great, but it cannot remove the tartar buildup. The vibrations sent by the scaler break the calculus deposits apart as the tip can oscillate up to 35,000 cycles per second. Water flows from the tip of the device to help wash away the debris as is removed from the teeth. The water also helps keep the device from overheating.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Scaling

The ultrasonic dental scaler is designed to achieve better penetration into periodontal pockets. The tips are shaped in a way that allows deeper penetration. That means a deeper, more thorough cleaning to ensure your teeth and your smile are preserved.

Reduces Treatment Time

When you compare the ultrasonic tooth cleaner with traditional scaling, it is much faster. That means less time spent at the Saugus Dental office. Dr. Petinge and the dental hygienist will educate you on how to maintain your clean teeth so that they remain free from plaque for longer.

More Effective

Using power instrumentation like the ultrasonic dental scaler is a much more effective method than traditional cleaning treatment. It’s designed to reach difficult spaces so your teeth are cleaned more thoroughly. That helps you keep your sparkling smile intact!

Elimination of Plaque

The ultrasonic dental scaler uses vibrations for removing plaque and tartar. It causes them to break away from the teeth. Plaque is totally eliminated using this cleaning method.

Less Trauma for Gum Tissue

Traditional dental scaling disturbed gum tissue while trying to manually remove plaque. Sharp-cut edges caused trauma to the tissue. Ultrasonic scaling doesn’t cause any trauma to gum tissue or sensitive areas of the mouth. The modern technique greatly reduced the chance of an injury.

More Comfortable for You

Traditional scaling could be quite uncomfortable. Ultrasonic scaling is very comfortable. You won’t be subjected to loud abrasive sounds or hear metal scraping during the scaling procedure.

How Ultrasonic Dental Scaling Saves You Money

By visiting Dr. Petinge for regular checkups and cleanings can help prevent cavities. They can also be discovered at an earlier stage so they are more easily treated effectively before doing more damage to your teeth. A small cavity can end up costing you quite a bit of money. If it’s left untreated, it can lead to the need for more intensive treatments like root canals, tooth loss, or infection management.

Eliminates Bad Breath

Sometimes, bad breath is caused by the foods you eat. But more often tartar buildup is behind halitosis. Removing tartar buildup can often cure chronic bad breath. Brushing your tongue during your daily oral care routine can also help remove odor-causing bacteria.

Ready to Experience Ultrasonic Dental Scaling?

Is it time for your routine teeth cleaning? It’s important if you want to maintain your sparkling smile! Call Saugus Dental today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Petinge. Please contact us if you have any questions about the ultrasonic dental scaler.