Is Delaying Dental Care Dangerous?

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Is Delaying Dental Care Dangerous?

Proper oral care is essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Cavities can still happen even if you have good oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing every day is important, but they are most effective when done in conjunction with regular checkups and cleanings. Many people choose to skip routine visits. Some wait until they are experiencing pain or show signs of unhealthy gums before going in for an exam. Delaying dental care can lead to more serious matters, even if everything looks and feels fine to you. Routine exams can help prevent a number of problems and catch them early on if they occur. Problems detected earlier are more easily treated in most cases. Putting off seeing your Melrose, MA dentist puts you at more risk for potentially serious problems.  There are some very good reasons that Dr. Stephen Petinge suggests not delaying routine exams.

Do Dental Issues Just Go Away?

Most dental problems do not go away on their own, given enough time. In fact, they tend to get worse with time. Gingivitis is one exception. If there is mild inflammation because of poor hygiene habits, it can often be reversed if oral hygiene is improved. However, infection and cavities don’t go away given time or with increased hygiene. When professional dental care is delayed, it will just become worse and more difficult and costly to treat. Cavities left untreated only get larger. Infection and gum disease continue to worsen unless the bacteria is removed, and proper medication is prescribed. Many rely on homeopathic remedies or DIY home treatments, but these only allow more time for the condition to become more aggressive. The more time that passes, the more invasive and aggressive treatments will be required. If treatment is delayed, you could lose a tooth that could have easily been saved. The best option is to visit your Melrose dentist regularly, and definitely if you experience symptoms.

No Pain – No Problem, Right?

Once a person starts to experience pain, they recognize they have a cavity, and abscess, or gum inflammation. And most people know when they have a toothache, something is wrong. But just because there is no pain, doesn’t mean there isn’t an existing problem. In severe cases, an abscess or decay can deaden the nerve so there is no pain. When you see or feel something different with a tooth, notice swelling or a cavity, schedule an appointment with your Melrose and North Boston area dentist. Don’t let the absence of pain keep you away. Regular visits are important since there are not always symptoms like redness, pain or swelling to indicate a problem. A regular exam can uncover a problem before it gets serious. By delaying dental care, you risk the need for more invasive treatments at a later time.

Delayed Dental Care Can Stretch Your Budget

As time passes, dental problems worsen. This means treatment and restoration options change too. A checkup can reveal a small cavity that can be remedied with a simple filling. But if you wait until it starts bothering you, or until your next 6-month visit, it can spread to the nerve. It can end up becoming abscessed. What could be fixed with a filling, is now a serious problem and requires complex treatment. Decay can also spread to adjacent teeth. Now a simple filling isn’t enough. Now, you may need a crown, a root canal, and more teeth filled. You could easily be looking at double the cost of what a simple filling might have been. Even with dental insurance, your deductibles can be more costly. Routine visits can uncover small problems that can be fixed early on. This saves you money, time, and your teeth.

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