What you need to know about fluoride treatment | Stephen Petinge, DMD

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What you need to know about fluoride treatment | Stephen Petinge, DMD

We hope that your oral health is a priority to you. If it is, you should learn about all the benefits you can get from Fluoride. To begin with, it’s one of the best overall options for helping fight tooth decay. However, over the last few years, there’s been some confusion about what fluoride is, who needs it, and if it is safe. Some erroneously support going to a fluoride free dentist. But Dr. Petinge, your trusted Saugus dentist offers this information to clear up the misinformation about how important fluoride is to dental health.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral. It’s found widely in nature and is also in some of the foods we consume. It’s the 13th most abundant mineral on the earth. You have probably heard about fluoride since it’s a common ingredient in toothpaste. Researchers back in the 1930s discovered that people who drank water that was fluoridated had a lot fewer cavities than those who didn’t.

Does Fluoride Help Your Teeth?

Demineralization is a term used for the loss of minerals caused by acids that attack tooth enamel. Demineralization unfortunately can lead to tooth decay. Fluoride helps to redeposit minerals on the enamel. This makes your teeth less vulnerable to plaque bacteria and acid.

Does Everyone Need Fluoride?

Many people think that just children need fluoride, but adults need it too. Research has shown that fluoride strengthens developing teeth but can also be beneficial for helping to reduce tooth decay in all ages.

Is Fluoride Safe to Use?

Nearly 70 percent of the US has fluoride added to their water. Its presence in drinking water has spawned over 3000 studies on fluoridation. The CDC has used research to conclude that fluoridation is one of the leading public health measures. The American Dental Association and the American Medical Association have both endorsed water fluoridation. Topical fluoride, like what you find in mouth rinse and toothpaste is deemed a safe and effective way to help prevent tooth decay.

What is a fluoride treatment?

When you come to our Saugus dental office for a Fluoride treatment, the dental hygienist will apply fluoride to your teeth using a swab or brush. You’ll have to wait about 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything. This allows the fluoride time to repair small, microscopic holes in tooth enamel. The fluoride is the same used in toothpaste and mouth rinses, but it is more concentrated and provides faster benefits. A fluoride treatment is a simple way to improve your teeth’s health and reduce the risk of cavities. In some cases, Dr. Petinge may prescribe fluoride supplements to be used for home treatment.

What are the benefits of a fluoride treatment?

If you choose to go to a fluoride free dentist, you may be missing out on many benefits. The preventive benefits of fluoride treatments include:

  •         Eliminate bacteria that cause decay which reduces cavities
  •         Makes developing teeth more resistant to decay by strengthening the enamel
  •         Repairs weakened enamel and help prevent future weakening by improving its ability to absorb minerals like phosphate and calcium
  •         It’s an affordable treatment that can help delay or prevent more extensive and costly dental work
  •         Helps prevent premature tooth loss and gum disease
  •         Help maintain baby teeth

There are many benefits associated with fluoride treatments. Talk to Dr. Petinge about your specific dental needs and how they can benefit you.

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