Oral Thrush: Bacterial Infection in Your Mouth

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Oral Thrush: Bacterial Infection in Your Mouth

Dr. Stephen Petinge, your Saugus and North Boston area dentist, would like you to know that it is possible for a yeast infection to occur in your mouth. While some yeast occurs naturally in the mouth, sometimes the normal balance of oral yeast can be disturbed, and an excessive amount develops in the mouth, triggering oral thrush.

Identifying oral thrush

Your Saugus dentist knows that oral thrush is characterized by the growth of white lesions in the back of the mouth, or on the roof of the mouth, and these generally take on the appearance of cottage cheese, although they can also be reddish in color. Patients who have these lesions also generally experience a woolly feeling in their mouth, as well as some difficulty swallowing.

What causes oral thrush?

Oral thrush occurs most often in patients who have AIDS or who are undergoing chemotherapy because both of these suppress the immune system and can allow the infection to occur. Your Saugus, MA dentist can tell you that asthma patients have a chance of developing thrush when they inhale steroids, as steroids can disrupt the normal balance of yeast in the mouth. Fortunately, this potential cause of oral thrush can be eliminated by rinsing the mouth out thoroughly after inhalation.

Make sure to check in with Dr. Petinge and his team or with your doctor if you feel like you may have this problem happening. For all your oral health needs, come by our Saugus, MA office for an appointment or check up.