Periodontitis and Cancer Research

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Periodontitis and Cancer Research

One of the reasons you may come to your Saugus, MA dentist is to prevent or combat oral diseases like periodontitis. Being vigilant about gum disease will likely pay off immensely, as recent research has linked periodontitis to the possibility of oral and pancreatic cancer.

The Research Is In

A study published in the British Journal of Cancer demonstrated the existence of a link between the bacteria that causes gum disease and the onset of oral and pancreatic cancers, and one published in the International Journal of Cancer showed a definite correlation between periodontitis and cancer mortality. Scientists theorize that the link between the two has to do with the low-grade inflammation that accompanies the disease, which may allow those bacteria to spread and release enzymes that can weaken the immune system against cancer.

Keep up your Oral Health with Everyday Hygiene

To Dr. Petinge, these studies highlight the importance of oral health and the prevention of periodontitis. Petinge Dental wants to help you protect your health. Whether you need a check-up or have questions about gum health, call us to make an appointment today.