GLO Whitening

Pursuing the Perfect Smile

GLO Whitening

Our Saugus dental team understands the power of a bright, healthy, and beautiful smile. That is why we’re excited about offering our patients Guided Light Optic (GLO) Whitening to help you quickly achieve the smile you desire. GLO Whitening offers excellent teeth brightening results with almost no sensitivity, and much shorter appointments than those for traditional teeth whitening.

Dr. Petinge offers a range of options using the GLO teeth whitening system, and he will discuss your options and recommend the best treatment to reach your desired outcome. There are very few dental practices in the Saugus area which are certified GLO providers, but Petinge Dental chose to offer this service because we strongly believe in offering the best and most advanced treatments for our valued patients. With GLO Whitening, your Saugus dental team can fully customize your teeth whitening experience. If you would like more information, Dr. Petinge is happy to meet with you for a consultation.

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How It Works

GLO Whitening brings you the ultimate in oral care and aesthetic beauty. Dr. Jonathan Levine, an aesthetic dentist and oral health expert in New York City, created this technology for his patients, and it quickly became so popular that he began working with a team of renowned designers and engineers to make this technology available to more people.

Petinge Dental offers GLO technology for in-office and at-home use. It takes just 32 minutes in our practice to achieve a brighter, whiter smile, with results you’ll be amazed by! Best of all, there’s no need for impressions or messy trays. For at home use, you will simply put on the GLO mouthpiece and press power. You will achieve the same impressive results that you would with in-office care.

The mouthpiece for GLO Whitening contains heat resistors and LED lights that work together to prevent the escape of oxygen from your teeth, and warms to an ideal temperature to accelerate the process each time. This treatment gives you faster results without the tooth sensitivity common to other teeth whitening systems. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about GLO Whitening!