Sugar vs. Sugar-Free Doesn’t Help Your Teeth

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Sugar vs. Sugar-Free Doesn’t Help Your Teeth

Most of us have a sweet tooth. We also are aware the role that sugar plays in the erosion of tooth enamel over time, but may not know why. Dr. Stephen Petinge knows that most patients don’t understand exactly why sugar is harmful to teeth and are unaware of other harmful foods and drinks that affect tooth enamel. This is why, for your Saugus, MA dentist, education is the first line of defense when it comes to improving oral health and protecting tooth enamel.

Sugar Anyone?

Although sugary foods and drinks may taste great, they’re not the kindest foods when it comes to our teeth, particularly our tooth enamel. The sugar in sweet foods mixes with the plaque on our teeth to create acids that erode tooth enamel over time. As a result, it’s not uncommon for patients to think that simply reducing sugar consumption or opting for sugar-free alternatives will reduce the negative impact on their teeth. However, nothing could further from the truth.

Other Foods and Drinks that Have a Negative Impact

Acidic foods, regardless of whether they are sweet or not, erode precious tooth enamel as well. Many sugar-free foods and drinks contain highly acidic ingredients like citric and phosphoric acid. This makes it clear that the true offenders are both acidic foods and drinks as well as sugary ones. Dr. Stephen Petinge is a Saugus, MA dentist committed to educating patients on the best ways to improve oral health and protect tooth enamel. Call today. We want to meet all your oral health needs.