Supplement Your Way to Strong Teeth

Dr. Stephen Petinge wants to be your go-to guide for keeping your teeth in great shape for a lifetime of good eating and gorgeous smiles. That’s why we are writing about a recent study with good news for you older dental patients.

Researchers have discovered that adding the supplements vitamin D and calcium to your health regimen boosts your chances to keep your teeth. In fact, senior participants reduced their risk of losing teeth by an amazing 40 percent.

Supplements + Good Oral Hygiene

Like they were given in the study, your Saugus and North Boston area dentist recommends seniors take 500 mg of calcium and 700 units of vitamin D daily. But remember that supplements alone won’t do it all: the foundation of using your own teeth all your life is the same for everyone, from toddlers to teens and seniors. Your Saugus dentist emphasizes that spending just a few minutes each day brushing and flossing is what gets rid of buildup that causes decay.

This is even truer for senior patients. Older patients often take medication that causes dry mouth. This creates an environment that encourages decay. Fight back by using your trusty toothbrush and floss on a daily basis, and be sure to come visit your Petinge dental team twice annually for your checkups. We’re happy to answer any questions regarding nutrition and dental health.