3D Cone Beam CT Scan

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3D Cone Beam CT Scan

Sometimes a typical facial or dental X-ray can be inadequate for Dr. Petinge to get a clear enough picture of your oral health. For this reason, Petinge Dental has invested in advanced training and equipment so that we can provide a special type of X-ray called 3D Cone Ceam Computed Technology, also known as CT. This type of scan produces much less radiation than a typical dental X-ray, and provides a much clearer image for our team to analyze.

The CT scanner at Petinge Dental generates a three-dimensional (3D) image, which allows Dr. Petinge to obtain detailed images of the soft tissues, dental structures, and nerve paths in your mouth, as well as sharp images of the craniofacial area, all within a single scan. These images make it easier for him to plan treatment that precisely targets your unique oral health needs.

What to Expect from Your Scan

Our Saugus dental team may provide you with a gown to wear during the procedure, but you should plan to wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes as well. During your scan, an X-ray in the shape of a cone will move around your head several times, collecting numerous images from different angles.

3D Cone Beam CT Uses

The 3D Cone Beam CT Scan helps Dr. Petinge to evaluate and identify abnormalities of the nasal cavity, sinuses, jaw, facial bony structures, and dentin. We can use this technology to aid in planning with orthodontic treatment, as well as smile restoration. Some of the common dental treatment paths that we use it for include:

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  • Planning for dental implants
  • Impacted teeth surgical planning
  • Evaluation of sinuses
  • Sleep apnea treatment, particularly airway measurements

Petinge Dental stays on top of the most current dental technology and trainings, because we are committed to your comfort, and ensuring you receive the best possible oral health care. If you have any questions about the other advanced dental technology we employ in our practice, please feel free to give us a call!