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If you have small areas of decay on one or more teeth, or permanent staining you would like to eliminate, it is important that the method you choose also retains as much of your natural tooth structure as possible… Air abrasion is a technology, which ensures just that. The hand piece releases particles the same size and consistency of sand. The result is whiter teeth with minimal loss of healthy tooth structure.

What to Expect With Air Abrasion

Your dentist controls release of 27-micron aluminum oxide power onto your teeth. As soon as the power stream makes contact, it literally blows away unsightly stains and discoloration. The sensation you feel is like a gentle breeze.

Although air abrasion is not recommended to remove silver fillings, it does an excellent job at restoring tooth-colored fillings. The tool is also ideal to provide filling material to teeth recently diagnosed with decay that do not already contain fillings. While you may have a gritty sensation in your mouth following treatment, this goes away quickly once you rinse with water.

Benefits of Treatment with the Air Abrasion Tool

Patients love the fact that air abrasion typically requires no anesthesia. Another benefit is that there’s no jarring drilling sound so many people associate with a dental visit (and which keeps so many patients from receiving the care they want and deserve). Further, the treatment is free from any other vibrating sensations, all of which means a relaxing and even enjoyable visit for you.

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