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Digital Panorex

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Digital Panorex

Revolutionary Dental Technology

A revolutionary technological addition to the our patient services is the Digital Panorex X-Ray Machine. The system uses the very latest in laser technology to take well-defined, high-quality images with top-notch magnification and image uniformity.

Dr. Petinge and his team employ this new technology to capture stunningly accurate pictures of your teeth and surrounding support structure. The resulting images give Dr. Petinge the ability to accurately view the entire upper and lower jaw, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), nasal sinuses and their surrounding bone, as well as the mandibular nerve. This nerve is responsible for providing sensation to the teeth and gums of the lower jaw, and so is extremely important to know its precise position prior to performing any treatment. Not only do digital x-rays mean increased precision, they also deliver far less radiation than do conventional x-rays.

Digital Panorex x-ray machines provide excellent panoramic images of the patient’s mouth, and better images means more accurate diagnosis and better outcomes. The dual benefits of enhanced performance and lower radiation exposure have led Dr. Petinge to rely almost exclusively on this high-quality panoramic imaging technique.

Speed is yet another virtue of Digital Panorex technology: it captures sharp, clear images in under 20 seconds. Thanks to various imaging modes and laser alignment beams, the machine can be easily adjusted to accommodate patients of any height and weight.

To learn more about the Digital Panorex used by Dr. Petinge and his team, give us a call today. We will be happy to schedule your next visit, and go over all the benefits of this state of the art panoramic x-ray system.

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