The Many Causes of Bad Breath

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The Many Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a big source of discomfort, and can even create confidence issues from fear of those close to you detecting stinky breath when you open your mouth. Dr. Petinge, at Petinge Dental in Saugus, MA, cautions that bad breath can be a sign of a chronic oral health condition, and should be taken seriously.

Prescription Medications

Taking certain medications can cause dry mouth, which means there is less saliva to wash away bacteria and neutralize acids. Such drugs include antidepressants, antihistamines, and high blood pressure medication. Chewing gum and drinking lots of water during the time you are on such drugs may help alleviate the situation, but if you are noticing frequent dry mouth, make sure to let Dr. Petinge know so he can help you address your holistic health and avoid larger oral health issues.

Oral Hygiene

The most frequent cause of bad breath is failure to exercise good dental hygiene. Skipping brushing or flossing allows bacteria to thrive in your mouth and begin to wear away your tooth enamel. Fortunately, our personalized level of care at Petinge Dental means that our Saugus team is very attentive to warning signs of tooth decay, and can help reverse any damage that has been done and educate you on ways to avoid further health concerns.