Three ways to fix a chipped tooth

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Three ways to fix a chipped tooth

People will chip a tooth at some time in their lives. Enamel can be worn down to the point where it fractures after exposure to continual pressure in one area. You may bite down on firm food or suffer an accident that chips and cracks your teeth, whatever the reason. There are a few ways to mend chipped teeth so you can show off your smile confidently.

Dental Bonding

A chipped tooth might be treated in various ways, depending on the extent of the damage and whether the chip shows when you smile. Dental bonding can heal any damage to your teeth in only one office visit if only a little amount of enamel is lost or if it is on the front teeth.

Dental bonding, also known as a “filling,” is a fast and painless procedure that does not require numbing medication. The chipped region is etched to ensure that the bonding material adheres appropriately. A bonding substance is used, after which composite resin is molded over it to blend in with natural teeth and restore their form. The job is done when the material has hardened via UV light exposure.

Dental Crowns

A crown is a tooth-shaped cap covering the tooth root in cases where larger chips, chipped teeth with significant decay, or molar chip are present. Crowns are long-lasting and usually composed of metal, porcelain fused to metal, resin, or ceramic. We can assist you in determining the best option for you in price, durability, and appearance.

A crown generally takes two office visits to put in. A root canal will be necessary at the first office visit to build up the root’s structure to support the crown. X-rays and any extra teeth that need to be removed will be taken. For accuracy, your dentist will take impressions of both teeth, including those receiving the prosthetic. You will return home with a temporary crown while your permanent one is created. The temporary crown is removed at the second visit, and the final crown is permanently placed. Your teeth should line up perfectly and function properly, as previously.

Porcelain Veneers

Another alternative for correcting chips on the front teeth is porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain covering the front of the teeth and have a thick section filling the chipped portion of the tooth. A single veneer may be used to repair a chip on one tooth, or all of your front teeth can be treated at once with veneers for a total smile makeover in just two office visits. Veneers not only restore damaged teeth; they can also conceal gaps, straighten crooked or discolored teeth, and enhance your bite.

The top layer of your teeth is scraped off during the first visit to make space for the veneers. Your teeth will be colored according to your wishes, and molds will be taken so the veneers may be fabricated. Temporary veneers are used during this time. The temporary veneers are removed at the second appointment, and permanent ones are secured with cement that has been made permanent with UV light.